“Couldn’t have been a better experience!”

In handling my divorce case, Patricia was the perfect combination of compassion, support, intelligence, personal and professional experience, wisdom, and creative problem-solving, She has amazing power to focus on the issue at hand, remember all the pertinent details in complex situations, and bring them forward at precisely the right moment. She collaborated with me exceptionally well, first listening to my concerns and priorities, and then identifying new approaches to the situation, laying out the options, talking through their advantages and disadvantages, advising me which one to choose, genuinely soliciting my feedback, and supporting me in my choice/decision. She’s eminently reasonable and pragmatic, with a strong sense of genuine fairness, and she knows how to get things done. She could not have handled this case better. Working with her made all the difference, not only in the outcome, but also in the quality of the experience all along the way. – a Divorce Client (AVVO Review)