“Practical & Skilled in the Legal Bureaucracy”

Prior to handling my divorce, Ms. Baugher assisted in attempts to secure a Marriage Agreement where the couple could get back to a common set of goals as well as restoring mutual respect in their then more than 10 yr marriage. Several years later where irreconcilable differences remained, in a community of limited resources, opposing counsel went to unconscionable extremes to ignore, foot drag, misrepresent and fabricate, information and details. Ms. Baugher and her staff were able to avoid the repeated distractions, keeping interactions professional, practical and reasonable towards securing a settlement, fair to both parties and a Child Support Arrangement that provided shared support for the children’s interests, activities and education. As opposing counsel defied the rules and procedures for divorce proceedings, Ms. Baugher proceeded in compliance with them. In instances where contempt, defiance or disregard could be proven, Ms. Baugher requested that my legal fees be paid by the opposing part. In the majority of the instances, the opposing party was sanctioned so was required to pay some portion of my legal fees, caused by their blatant disregard for the rules and procedures. The final result, cost me more in legal fees than I anticipated or intended but shielded me from costs that I may have otherwise had to assume and provided support for our children that would have otherwise been solely my burden, unless those that I couldn’t afford the full expense I withdrew our children from the programs. – Anonymous (AVVO Review)