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Luminosity Law was founded in 2006 (as Baugher Law Firm) by Patricia Baugher and provides legal services exclusively in the area of domestic relations and family law. We are here to be an advocate for you and to guide you through your legal challenges by giving you thoughtful and strategic advice, not only to protect your immediate interests, but also your future interests  and the best interests of your children .   It is our job to interpret the law and its application to your case, and to give you our best advice so that you can have the most favorable outcome under the circumstances of your case. We truly want and fight for what is best for you.



Child Custody



Patricia Baugher

Patricia Baugher is an experienced attorney focusing exclusively on family law cases.  Prior to forming  Luminosity Law, she was an associate at a downtown Seattle law firm, mentored by some of the most respected family law attorneys in the area.  Patricia is known for providing compassionate support to her clients while zealously advocating for them in an amicable settlement, or, if necessary, at trial.

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Having well over fourteen (14) years of legal experience prior to becoming an attorney, Michael understands just how difficult and challenging divorce and custody issues can be. Using his major in psychology from the University of Washington, he takes both a holistic and quasi-therapeutic approach for his clients.

Tamara Garrison

Tamara’s goal is to support, empower, and guide clients through the stressful and confusing family court system. She believes in compassion and low-conflict resolutions where possible, but she is a strong advocate when needed.

“An easy to work with and knowledgeable attorney. I recommend him.”

Michael Paul Savage was the easiest, most personable and understanding lawyer to speak with. I called many attorneys when I was seeking an attorney that I could hire for a divorce I was contemplating going through with after a long term marriage. This was a difficult decision to make and an extremely emotional period in one’s life. He was always very calm, knowledgeable and would find the answer if he didn’t know it . This was a 40plus years marriage with a substantial net worth as an older woman I had never thought I would be alone at this stage of my life. He kept me informed and was always willing to answer any of my questions or concerns. I highly recommend him. – Susie (AVVO Review)


Working with Mr. Savage and team was an absolute joy. I needed help creating a formal parenting plan and establishing boundaries with my teen’s biological parent who has proven challenging to communicate with over the last 12+ years. Mr. Savage was able to quickly pick up my case when my former firm/attorney retired from family law. He acted with urgency, making time to review all previous materials and correspondences, to meet with me to understand my goals, and clearly communicated next steps and timeline. It is clear to me that Mr. Savage is very comfortable and knowledgeable when it comes to family law. He was able to catch small things that my previous attorney missed or actions the former firm had taken that were no longer the standard. This keen eye for detail made all the difference in my case and we ...

“Talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable”

How can I possibly convey how grateful I am to Patricia for her work on my behalf throughout a tough divorce process. She was not only talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable, but she also treated me with compassion. I felt that she cared for me personally and was emotionally invested in helping me reach a fair resolution (which we did)! Compared to how this process has gone for others and the way they were treated (often poorly by their own lawyer) I couldn’t recommend this firm enough. Again, I am eternally grateful to her and the Luminosity team (all of whom were incredible as well) for seeing my through to the end and now a new beginning! – Phillip (Google Review)

“I am so lucky to have had her representation.”

Divorce is a scary and daunting process and Patricia was there for me every step of the way. She answered all of my questions and was very professional even when i was emotional. Every point that I would raise, she would support, research and explain. I am so lucky to have had her representation, she has helped me start the next chapter of my life on the best foot possible and I can’t thank her staff enough! – Erica (Google Review)

“Practical & Skilled in the Legal Bureaucracy”

Prior to handling my divorce, Ms. Baugher assisted in attempts to secure a Marriage Agreement where the couple could get back to a common set of goals as well as restoring mutual respect in their then more than 10 yr marriage. Several years later where irreconcilable differences remained, in a community of limited resources, opposing counsel went to unconscionable extremes to ignore, foot drag, misrepresent and fabricate, information and details. Ms. Baugher and her staff were able to avoid the repeated distractions, keeping interactions professional, practical and reasonable towards securing a settlement, fair to both parties and a Child Support Arrangement that provided shared support for the children’s interests, activities and education. As opposing counsel defied the rules and procedures for divorce proceedings, Ms. Baugher proceeded in compliance with them. In instances where contempt, defiance or disregard could be proven, Ms. ...

“These guys are the BEST!”

Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. These guys are the BEST! – Amir (Google Review)

“They were all very responsive, attentive and compassionate.”

I am very happy with the experience I had working with Patricia and all of her staff. They were all very responsive, attentive and compassionate. I truly felt like I had a strong advocates in my corner who were fighting for my best interests. I was treated like my daughter & I were a part of their family. It was like night and day compared to the experience I had working with my last attorney. I highly recommend this firm. I only wish I had found them sooner. I felt like family. – Troy (Google Review)

“I am very much satisfied with the outcome at the conclusion of the case.”

I would like to thank Patricia and Tamara for their compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional guide and representations during the most difficult time of my life. I truly appreciate your honesty, the fact that you both told me what was possible/ not possible in my case right from the beginning and at every stages of the case in the legal process. Although I always have the feeling of loose due to the fact that I lost my marriage unexpectedly for no big reason, I assure you I am very much satisfied with the outcome at the conclusion of the case. When I came to your office for the first time, I had no clue at all as to what was going to happen and now thanks to you I learned a lot along the way in the legal process. – Anonymous (AVVO Review)

“Patricia is a true advocate for her clients”

Patricia is a true advocate for her clients. She was there for me in my time of need and helped guide me during a very difficult time, not to mention through a very complicated legal matter. I highly recommend her or any of her staff. They were all amazing and compassionate people. – Melanie (Google Review)

“Highest Praise.”

I was referred to Patricia through a client that said she helped her through a very contentious divorce and custody case. I engaged her in 2010 and she expertly guided me through a prolonged, contentious and highly litigious divorce and custody case, that ended in nine days of trial. She was my closest confidant, expert advice giver, compassionate and always the voice of reason. During all the proceeding she was exceptionally well spoken, knowledgeable to the point that I actually think she may have the gift of a photographic memory, focused and very importantly – she was caring. To this day I keep her on retainer as issues arise, and after seven years have nothing but the highest regard for her – Anonymous (AVVO Review)

“Highly Recommend.”

Patricia Baugher and her legal staff was extremely helpful to me during a difficult parenting modification. There was a lot of stress but Patricia was determined to do what was in the best interest of my child. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Patricia and her team to anyone who is going through a tough time with their family issues. – Lisa (AVVO Review)

“They are honest, friendly and accommodating.”

Patricia and her team, Renee, Michael and Tamara were very helpful in guiding me through the divorce process. They were supportive during a difficult time and had my best interests as their priority. They are honest, friendly and accommodating. I would recommend them as a very competent law firm. ​– Valerie (Google Review)

“Great Help With My Divorce”

Patricia, was great with explaining what rights I had when filing for divorce. She gave me advise on the financial side of the divorce. Her firm did all the filings for me, all I had to do was give her the information that she asked me for. It was nice not having to figure out what to do. If I ever have a need for a lawyer again, I will contact Patricia. – Rich (AVVO Review)

“Thanks Patricia!!”

Patricia has been my guiding force throughout my divorce and parenting agreements. He staff is helpful and always responsive. I trusted (and continue to trust) Patricia with everything that is most important in my life, and have NEVER been let down. – Elaine (AVVO Review)

“Understanding yet tough!”

Patricia handled my case so well and works diligently to bring positive results to an unfortunate situation. Her skill and knowledge in family law has allowed my family to move on with our lives without the negative financial impact of divorce. Would highly recommend her. – a Divorce Client (AVVO Review)

“Brilliant Family Law Attorney”

I cannot begin to tell you how incredible our experience with Patricia has been. She has been our outstanding attorney for over 6 years and was able to help us with our relocation case, child support, parenting plan modifications, trial. She is literally the smartest woman that I have ever known and she has the biggest heart. She deeply cares for the people she represents and she was the voice of sanity in our very crazy case. She had so much knowledge about relocation cases (that were relatively new at the time) and she remembered every detail of our case. She was able to wade through the garbage that the opposing parties kept throwing at us in the most professional way. She’s a very fair attorney and lets you know what you can expect and doesn’t waste your time and ...

“Excellent Lawyer.”

Patricia handled my divorce which was final in 2007. It was a challenge from the start; my ex-wife’s lawyer simply did what she asked without regard to logic or professionalism. Patricia was the epitome of professionalism. She always took the high road and would not resort to fighting dirty. I cannot say as much for my ex-wife. I guess a lot of the divorce process is dirty pool, but I appreciated that Patricia was above that. She involved me every step of the way and took no action without making sure I understood and agreed with her approach. I heartily endorse her abilities as a divorce lawyer and applaud her professionalism. I strongly recommend her without reservation. – a Divorce Client (AVVO Review)

“Couldn’t have been a better experience!”

In handling my divorce case, Patricia was the perfect combination of compassion, support, intelligence, personal and professional experience, wisdom, and creative problem-solving, She has amazing power to focus on the issue at hand, remember all the pertinent details in complex situations, and bring them forward at precisely the right moment. She collaborated with me exceptionally well, first listening to my concerns and priorities, and then identifying new approaches to the situation, laying out the options, talking through their advantages and disadvantages, advising me which one to choose, genuinely soliciting my feedback, and supporting me in my choice/decision. She’s eminently reasonable and pragmatic, with a strong sense of genuine fairness, and she knows how to get things done. She could not have handled this case better. Working with her made all the difference, not only in the outcome, but also in the ...